Blog 4: Student-Teacher Relationships

This article is all about the importance of a healthy student teacher connection/relationship. It talks about the power this connection to our students can have on their lives, both academically and personally. It also talks about how teachers and parents can help build a better  connection to your students.

This video covers some of the ways to build up your student teacher relationship in the classroom. It also brings up the idea of why this is important as well. The ways it explains how to build up your relationship with your students is interesting.

There is a direct correlation with good classroom environments/relationships and student achievement. This blog talks about that student achievement piece that the other two really only touched on.



The classroom rules that I have established are the three R’s.: respect yourself, respect others, and respect the school.   I go to so many different classrooms that I like for the expectation to be the same in each class.   The first day of school I went over the three R’s with students I had them brainstorm what kinds of things fell under each category.   For example, students’ may say “being a good listener’ for respecting others. I have had a great deal of success with this method so far.   When I walk in and ask what the three R’s are the students’ usually rattle them off. I then ask for examples.   I also point out when students are practicing the three R’s ie. “Nice job respecting school equipment.’   In terms of procedures I let the students know what we are going to be doing for that lesson.   I try to give them as detailed information as possible and write on the board as we go along.   Occasionally, I will give an award and let them know what is expected to get the reward.   I believe positive reinforcements are the best reinforcements.

Music Video on Respect (Elementary Focus)