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A Future of Alaska Native Education

Paul Berg hits the nail in the coffin. History repeats itself, but we ignore the nuances of the repetition. Maybe humans are aware of the nuances, but they chose to ignore them, which is even worse. To be honest, I wasn’t aware of the acculturation within Norway and New Zealand. That being said, the people of Alaska should know that Alaska Native culture is at risk.


What we have here, in Alaska Native education, is a lack of care from the people in power. How come Alaska Natives have  so many accommodations for in-state education, yet face the highest drop-out rates in Alaska? In an effort to situate Alaska Natives in their education, politicians are completely ignorant of the type of education Alaska Natives require.


What we need are more systems like that in the  North Pole School District. We need other politicians  to understand Alaska Native culture, their way of life. From a system of government that  protects  species from the risk of extinction, why can’t they understand that Alaska Native culture is dying? Fortunately, there are those out there who understand this predicament, but we need those people to unite in their efforts. A band of sticks is stronger than its individual parts!