Author: jfgaines

Who else but Jody?

Salutations! My name is Jody Gaines. I am a simple mathematics major earning his education license. My goal with the education program is to teach calculus in my hometown Homer, Alaska.

I suppose my interest in education began in 11th grade. After a successful lesson of teaching students how to graph trigonometric functions, I decided that the role of educating students was a rewarding experience. My high school calculus teacher influenced me to earn a degree at UAF, and that is one of the most valuable pieces of advice a teacher taught me.

My other interests include music and cartooning. I was in choir for 9 consecutive years, and I don’t plan on giving up singing. I don’t plan on giving up cartooning either. On a good day I might serenade for you, or even make a doodle.

Although I’m only 22 years old, what I lack in experience I make up in my spirited youth and ambition to teach!Photo