Author: emily

Hi Ya’ll!!

Hi, my name is Emily Severns, I am in my junior year and majoring in English and minoring in secondary ed. I am excited to take this class because i know how important it is to have good class management skills, it is nearly impossible for the students to learn if the class is not managed properly. I used to teach/ tutor 3rd, 4th, and kinder kids and loved it, but it was also this job that made me decide I was better suited to teach older students. The tools being taught in this class would have been extremely helpful for keeping control of my kids. I was born and raise in El Paso Tx, and moved here to Fairbanks last spring when my husband was pcs’d here. I have a two year old little boy, Mason, so i do have experience with newborns up to about 10 years old. Aside from playing with my son my hobbies are going to the gym, hiking, reading, and enjoying time with friends and family. As for my future as an educator, my goal is to inspire students to be excited to come to class and want to learn. I remember dreading going to class because it was so boring so I want to make my class engaging and helpful to each of my students. I plan to do this by making my job a priority and dedicating myself to making sure I do my best to learn how to be the best teacher i can be.