What I wish my professor had told me

What a perfect article for a new teacher.   I appreciate very much the advice in this article.   Every point in here is spot on.   1. Loving kids is not enough.   It certainly isn’t.   And sadly, you truly can’t save them all.   2. You will definitely wear many hats as a teacher.   You can fill the role of a counsellor, you may have students you provide food or school supplies to, and etc.   Your duties don’t stop in the classroom.

3.Keep all the bad pictures and everything else.   It will be a cherished thing later in life.   I actually punched a hole in my school ID from last year and hung it on our Christmas tree. I am proud of myself from surviving last year and will keep that forever.

4.We all can attest to the fact that there is not a perfect lesson out there.   It doesn’t exist.   Especially when you are getting evaluated.   That is the time that literally EVERYTHING will go wrong.

5. Putting kids before content is an easy one.   We have to gauge our students.   If you are losing them or they are falling behind you have to sometimes backtrack and refocus.

6.   This one sometimes seems like the hardest one!   It can be discouraging and no doubt teaching is hard work.   The rewards far out weigh the workload.   Buckle down and keep trudging ahead.