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Physics Made Fascinating

MaryKate Martin

Classroom Management Plan

EDSC 458Table of Contents

Introduction ––––––––––––––––––––––––Page 3

Preparation of start of school year


Safety and lab safety

Working with admin and parents

Working with student diversity  

Community resources

Planning instructions




If one asks a student about the possibility of them taking a Physics class, their answer wouldn’t generally surprise a teacher. Most likely if the student has no prior experience with the science they’ll decline. There’s multiple reasons that discourages students: the maths too hard, the concepts are far beyond their believed reach, etc. However, a well managed classroom and curriculum could break down such daunting obstacles in a student’s mind, not to mention having fun demonstrations and labs.

This is a pivotal idea that could lead students in career paths they never knew were possible. There are several ways to have a successful classroom that one has to have intricate plans with their curriculum and the management in their rooms. From the start of the school year, the fate of year is in the hands of the teacher. Quite like Star Wars: New Hope there’s a New Hope for the year, but hopefully not the same outcome as the movie.

When a teacher has to think of everything in their classroom all the way down to where the posters on the walls go. So without saying rules are some of the most important established elements for both the teacher and student safety. Especially with the a Physics lab where the possibilities of injuries are countless, rules are essential. From teacher to teacher there are varying rules that are specific for each teacher and each class, but there’s also school rules where they translate into every classroom not to federal law.

But the teachers have to plan to be able to work with not just with the students, there are multiple people they have to keep up to date with their progress. One such group of people that the teacher has to be able to inform and work with is the students parents. One can imagine the amount of effort a teacher has to put up with not just with the difficult parents. Another group a teacher has to prepare for is working with the school administration. The teacher has to prepare their curriculum in according to the requirements of the students learning goals. There might some wiggle room for the teacher’s curriculum, but they still need to follow state needs.

The teacher main challenge is developing their curriculum, and how to deliver this material to students. The way they deliver to their students could make or break the whole semester and up coming students enrollment. Student diversity has to be though of and how the teacher will overcome background knowledge or even student’s backgrounds. There are strategic ways the teachers could use as well as community resources for their instructions.

All of these features are going to be discussed in this paper in detail with regard to an eleventh grade Physics class in mind. From prepping for the start of the year to the curriculum for the students the teacher has to be efficient and proficient in all of these areas.

Prepping For The New Year: