Pressure of Perfection

This article highlights part of an actual social problem and overparenting. We are living in a society where parents overprotect their children and want to make things for them much easier as possible. Is evident that they do it with the best intention and they are not aware of the negative consequences for their kids. We must deal every day with students who want to work less and less and get straight A’s or full credit with a minimum effort. Children grow up focusing on outcomes, not on how to reach those outcomes. They are looking for a false perfection that doesn’t exist. Parents sometimes advocate for their kids and justify missing assignments, absences and poor work in the classroom. They point it as a teacher’s fault giving all kind of excuses to support their children. Unfortunately, years later those kids hit with a different reality when they compete in the job market or college environments. We must help our kids to feel capable, growing resilient enough to face when they fail, learn something about it and keep going, keep trying to master a skill. Parents must raise kids mentally strong, only working again they will be ready to face all life difficulties. Overparenting contribute to young adults in risk of emotional deceases that expose them to fatal consequences as suicide. Jobs and education markets are getting more competitive every year, and as educators, we need to provide the parents the advice to help their kids at home supporting them and teaching them that from mistakes they also learn. Teacher conferences are an excellent opportunity to provide parents with advice and written information about how they can support their students. Sending informational flyers about different support strategies could also work or get involve school counselors to present a couple of support conference during the school year. Our students don’t need less work or fewer assignments; we need to keep elevating our education levels to make them able to develop their potential and compete out of the school. They need knowledge and at the same time to develop strong mental skills to face life.