This article was enlightening but so sad to see the struggles the next generation is dealing with, especially with something so shallow as social media. It puts an unrealistic expectation on young people, especially girls. As a middle school teacher, it’s so easy to see self doubt and insecurities in my students. They are still coming into who they are and who they want to be. My goal is to give them the best education possible and teach them responsibility and respect to sent them up as best as possible to be successful in the future. This doesn’t mean all A’s or top universities. This means feeling accomplished when they succeed and learning from their mistakes when they fail – teaching them that it’s okay if they don’t understand or don’t get it, but encouraging them to work hard and the hard work always pays off. As a teacher, it’s not always about the academics. It’s about giving students confidence and molding students to be kind and compassionate. A lot of self destruction and depression can come from bullying. If people are so worried about how strangers see them on social media you know they are worried about how their peers directly around see them. How cruel and heartbreaking it was for Ms. DeWitt to see that text of her classmate splash across his screen. I want to teach my students that it’s not what they do that establishes their success but what their character is and how they treat others. So even though Ms. Dewitt had acne and maybe wasn’t the prettiest girl, hearing or seeing comments like that text, yes would hurt, but would not attribute to the feelings of inadequacy. Social media teaches your worthiness – your identity – is on the outside, but what makes a person valuable is what is on the inside. Sometimes teachers are the only adults in a student’s life who can encourage, train, and influence in a way that can change a path of desctruction, even suicide, to a path of confidence and strength, no matter the failures you will  encounter. You learn and grow from the experience and remember it does not define you!