We’re Dealing With Children, Not Robots!

I found these articles to be very uplifting and encouraging. Maybe not for the way we are currently doing things, but as a relief to teachers that you don’t have to know it all and get the perfect test scores. School is about education and meeting the mark to a certain extent, but it is also a place to learn compassion, social skills, friendship, respect. I really liked point 5 in “What I Wish My Professor Had Told Me”. I have sat through so many MAP & PEAK test score meeting and listened to all the talk about how bad 6th grades scores are and I do understand the concern, but I do not think that should be our primary focus and it sometimes seems to be. To qoute the article,    “Those children in front of you are just that–children. They’re not data points.”



I also really liked how the other article redefined success outside of the realm of test scores.