Things to keep in mind

I found many parts of the Bondy & Hambacher article to be useful. This includes the bit on a teacher talking about how she likes to ask her kids what they find that works for them and what does not. The bit on asset-based teaching is important. A good teacher is someone who is an expert in their field and continually seeks to expand their knowledge in it, so it’s easy to have a negative attitude towards students who know so little about your subject and may not even be used to studying it. Instead, remind yourself of what they do know and how that can be used for a foundation to bigger and better knowledge, instead of focusing on their deficits.

In the Collins article, I found it interesting how she separated  teaching from educating. One could do great teaching by creating an excellent YouTube video presentation, but that may very well fail to educate the students. I also thought the points of accepting flaws in your lessons and putting kids before content are worthy considerations that are easy for us to forget.


Here is an excellent resource from the American Psychological Association.


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