Blog Post 4

I think the learned the most from the article “what I wish my professors had told me”. I took away something from each section. I liked that the article started with know that loving kids is not enough. If I was asked for advice about becoming a teacher I would direct them to this article before answering any of their questions. People need to know the truth about teaching before they embark on a teaching career. You get paid a modest amount of money to be a mom, nurse, custodian, cheerleader and counselor. Teachers should be prepared to wear many hats regardless if you want to or not. Students see teachers more than they see their own families. I was so worried about having ¬†perfect lesson plans, but my mentor teacher dismissed that notion quickly. I’ve seen my mentor teacher not have her lesson plans not all the way completed, but she still had a successful day in class. I think lesson plans is something teachers will be working at for the rest of their career. I think my mentor teacher does a great job of putting students before the content. I think this is wonderful advice. ¬†Teachers have to realize some students isn’t going to love your content as much as you do. And last but not least don’t give up. I believe there will be days where you want to throw in the towel, but remember why you chose to become a teacher in the beginning. I will use these simple principles along with actually caring to create a safe and engaging environment for all students.