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Personalized learning provides different learning platforms, and students can learn at their own pace. It could represent an advantage for those students with advanced performance. Personalized learning represents more choices to show what they have learned and keep expanding their knowledge. But not necessarily is the same for students who are behind or struggling in reading, language or attention. This strategy becomes a challenge for these students. I think personalized learning is not for all students because some students need the structure of traditional classroom and instruction. For example, in my classroom, many students can work independently, but they don’t go beyond the assignment although they have the option to continue learning more. They also have free access to a language program to keep learning Spanish at home, and they don’t use it beyond those few minutes in the classroom. The same with vocabulary games, videos, and songs posted on Google Classroom. On the other side, some of my students struggle working independently. When they are assigned to work a lesson on the computer they don’t follow instructions and waste time visiting other websites not related to Spanish class as soon as the teacher is working with another classmate. There so many things that must be accomplished in conjunction with personalized learning. Students attitude to value the available resources and motivation to learn more new things. Maybe would be better if school districts were starting with some pilot groups and incorporate more classes gradually. Personalize learning strategy requires technology resources to be accessible for all students, school spaces to promote personalize learning and it is essential to verify that those variables are available before start experimenting a new learning approach with our students. On the other side, teachers need training continually, tools and support to implement personalized learning in their classrooms.


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