My Thoughts on DACA

I think that children running from harsh environments in central america should be able to find aid in the U.S.. I do not agree that DACA really solves any problems though, it seems to give people some time to figure stuff out, but does it really help enable them to become citizens in the end? I think that the program should be revamped to say the least, and I think that the Trump administration would be wise to just revamp the system that is in place and make it better. To ensure that this program does not accept felon’s or peoples with no intent of becoming citizens. I think that programs to help children become U.S. citizens are great, but the other thing is, do we have the personel or ability to provide the kind of aid that these students and children need? I think the American people, not the government need to do more. More Americans need to be willing to take these children into their homes and provide a safe environment for them with the provisions they need. I think a lot of Americans talk a big talk and then when it comes to putting a shovel to the dirt and volunteering or housing an orphan child, they back out and say that its the governments responsibility! To be honest, these kids, in my mind, are not the governments responsibility, they are the peoples responsibility, besides isn’t that what the government is, an extension of the people? I think we should take a look at our foster care system too, while we are looking into DACA and uncared for kids, I think we have a lot of children in need from our own country that are neglected….. anyway…. food for thought.