Hello Everyone!


I have been behind on my classwork and am working to catch up, I figured I would come back through and start from the beginning. My name is Triston Nyquest and I live in Nenana, Alaska with my wife Meghan. I just graduated with a bachelors in Biology last spring and have entered into this program to become a teacher. I was born in Juneau and raised on Prince of Whales Island in southeast Alaska. I went to UAS for my first two years of college and moved to the Interior after my wife got a teaching job here in Nenana teaching fourth grade three two years ago. We are starting our third year here in Nenana and are really enjoying it. I am a southeast fishing, oceangoing kind of guy, (I captain a charter boat in the summer), but the interior is growing on me. I love to hunt, fish and trap, and everything else outdoors with friends and family. I am looking forward to learning with you all!