Personalized learning: the shiny new wheel

In reading different articles as well as the other discussion posts, I think the core issue at hand is no one seems to know what personalized learning even is.   There is disagreement over whether personalized learning means every student is on a computer learning from a playlist, or if just giving students several different options to choose from is personalized learning.   I think that it is this inability to define personalized learning perfectly is the reason for the hesitation teachers have towards adopting this educational style.

The blog post I found discussed some the issues with full adoption of personalized learning.   It seems to me that many schools want to jump head first into the new and shiny educational technique, but this article promoted a little more caution.   One of the things mentioned was that personalized learning is still really new, and because of this teachers, admin, and students need to be prepared for adjustments and improvisation in the class room.   Since many of these new techniques haven’t been fully studied, it is important to remember tried and tested methods that can fit in the new structure of personalized learning.

I think that this idea speaks to me the most, because I have heard too many teachers talking about abandoning the old methods of teaching in favor of this new method.   As teachers, an important part of our job is not re-creating the wheel, but instead be constantly modifying and growing the wheel, if you will forgive the mangled metaphor.   It seems to me that the main issue with this movement towards personalized learning is the amount of people wanting to start over fresh and forget all the things previously learned.


Here is what I found: