Some Issues of Personalized Learning

Personalized learning has been something I have considered for a long time. It seems to be a great idea, focusing on the needs of students in a particular way. I believe that that the real problem lies in it’s implementation, as Carol Ann Tomlinson purveyed. Personalization of learning can allow students to focus on particular needs or desires. This can greatly help them on their way to college and the career field thereafter. But what must be demanded? Tomlinson spent a healthy portion of her essay asking questions, and many of these asked the question how will it fit?

More specifically, how will personalization fit in the educational world we live in, that is tailored toward broad, level learning for all? Tomlinson’s concerns about teacher and volunteer involvement is valid. We have no solid way of preparing for the potential demand in particular subjects. If most people feel that English or language arts is what they want to personalize in, will there be enough teachers or volunteers to teach the subject? I have a feeling the answer is no. Of course, once demand for the field of english/language arts teacher rises, there will be an attempt to meet the need. But how long until then? With the many factors involved, I don’t think personalized learning will prove to the educational community that it will last.

I do believe that a more personalized learning is a noble tool on the journey to educate the rising generations. The potential for specialization is profound, through projects or group work that is catered to the students specific needs. Of course, I take the road of caution in this. Making a change like this will require everyone to be fully on-board, and it will demand a massive shift in manpower and structure. Here is a link to an article I found relevant:



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