Personalized learning!!

Personalized learning would be quite the change in our classrooms….or would it?   I didn’t know much about personalized learning until I read the article and a couple others on the topic. According to the article it is “an alternative to one-size-fits-all instruction; it’s student-centered learning.” (Online glossary of educational reform).

Although change is often feared we do work in a progressive career.   Education is ever changing and we learn new things and adapt old methods all the time.   We have so many ways in practice to reach every student and ensure all students meet goals and obtain diplomas.

Something like personalized learning involves everyone.   It would involve the student, the teachers, the parents, the administrators, and the classroom.

This is a new thing and there isn’t much evidence on the results but I think if we could make this work there is much promise involved.   Each child has the right to an education and since all students learn differently we have to have ways to reach them at their levels.

If you take a look at the article I posted below there are some practical examples of ways to make this work.