DACA should stay…at least until congress can pass legislation to replace it.

DACA is a valuable program that seeks to protect children of undocumented immigrants.   In 2012, then-President Obama signed an executive order establishing DACA after several failed attempts at legislation.   His goal was to protect children of undocumented immigrants who had been brought into the country very young.   These young people had no choice to come here, and he felt it was unfair for them to be at risk of deportation.   I agree with President Obama.   Children should not be punished for the choices that their parents make.

President Trump declared that he is ending DACA.   I think this is a terrible mistake.   I can understand the need to create a permanent solution to the problem, rather than the band-aid that DACA was.   However, we should not end DACA without a permanent legislative solution in place.   Why do we need to rush to end a program that protects productive members of our society?   They have been here all along, and they pay taxes without the benefit of social service programs or student aid.   There is no true downside to their continued residence in our country.


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