DACA: What’s the Right Thing to do?

When it comes to the issue of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, I think Trump’s decision to end it is wrong because it is immoral. The proponents of ending the policy tend to divert the debate by hiding behind the issue of “law and order.” Well, considering people like Jeff Sessions clearly do not support DACA, I doubt they’d support a change in federal immigration law to support DACA even if this was enacted by Congress (Trump would veto it). Senator Cotton would support it, but only if he gets to cut immigration in half–the true agenda of DACA opponents.

From an education perspective, I think this leads to a lot of rational and irrational  anxiety. This includes the children of immigrants, even legal immigrants who fear the administration’s crackdown on illegal immigrants will inevitably target at least some legal Hispanic immigrants. I recall that during the district-wide teacher training this past August in Lathrop’s Herring Auditorium, Todd Nesloney mentioned how many of his students (large Hispanic population at his school) are scared straight that they’re going to go home one day to find that Mom or Dad is gone and wondering if they’ll be next. How can you expect children to learn under those circumstances? That type of policy is unethical. I even find that type of policy to be unnecessary–people like Jeff Sessions do not make America prosperous, unique, and interesting–immigrants do.

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