It seems to be difficult to keep up with the amount of change happening under the Trump administration. Before reading the prompt for this weeks blog entry, I had no idea that DACA was being pushed for removal. That being said, I have formed an opinion on it, in the little research I have sought out on the subject. My feelings go back to the roots of American culture, when the first European arrivals stepped foot on North American soil. The fact is, most of us had family that were once immigrants to this continent. I think the offensive against immigration, particularly against those born after their parents arrived illegally, is unfounded and may even be born from a sense of paranoia. I believe that DACA should stay in place, where it can be a safeguard for those under its protection to find a way to obtain citizenship.

We need to be find a way to integrate the immigrants into American society. Offer them a program toward citizenship, instead of wagging the threat of deportation over their heads. America is, after all, a place founded by immigrants, with an offer for anyone else to be welcomed into this land.

Study finds DACA encourages undocumented kids to stay in school, as Congress ponders their future

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