DACA good for all!

Government regulation is imperfect and, like new technologies, typically requires patching after implementation. DACA provides an avenue for undocumented children   (i.e., children of illegal immigrants) to remain in the United States after having grown up here AND proving they are law-abiding residents on a track to  be productive citizens. Note that the “rules’ are stringent for DACA “Dreamers” to qualify; they cannot be criminals, must attain high school diplomas, etc. DACA increases the productivity of this group as individuals (fewer teen pregnancies, higher college enrollment) and as a whole (more legal employment = more tax revenue). I think it is simply the morally correct thing to allow these “kids’ (many now adults) to stay in what is effectively their home country. However, for those of us blessed citizen thinking we should kick them out, a look at the article link below shows that these Dreamers are good for the nation’s economics (i.e., all of us). Both political parties should be aligned on the issue as the outcome, despite the motivation, fits both conservative and progressive platforms.


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