Ruth’s Intro

Greetings. My name  is Ruth Post, and I am joining you from Fairbanks. We have been in Fairbanks for twenty years and have raised six kids through the school district here. My educational background is in fish and wildlife management, environmental science, social work, and business. I worked at UAF until the budget cuts laid me off and freed me to pursue an encore career in teaching. I plan to work in alternative programs that serve kids with hard histories and life challenges. I am interning at Effie Kokrine Charter School, which has a significant percentage of kids in those categories.

We just sold our home and are downsizing to simplify life now that our kids  have made their way out of the nest. Packing up a lifetime has been interesting as every box holds a memory of this or that, and many are school-related, highlighting the impact school and teacher have had on our kids and family.

My interests are football  (go Seahawks), travel, and running/biking/hiking; I particularly love listening to podcasts and learning all sorts of new things.

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