Leah’s Introduction

My name is Leah Els.   I’m 29 and a recent transplant to Fairbanks.   I move here from Virginia Beach, VA this past summer.   I have a Bachelors in History and a Masters in Organizational Management, concentration in Global Management.   I’m in the process of getting my teaching license for secondary education.   I chose history as my content area because I love the content and I feel that it is extremely understated.   I believe it is a valuable class if taught correctly, so I hope I can learn all that I can while in this program to be an effective teacher.   I’m constantly asking my mentors how do you do this?   When is this appropriate?   How do you measure student’s learning (aside from assessment)?   What do you do in this scenario?   I feel very much like a fish out of water.   I have very little experience in the education field so this is all knew to me.   There is a fine art that I hope to master or at least have an understanding of in this short year.   But, I enjoy all my interactions with the students and that reminds me why I decided to go down this path.

When I’m free from all responsibilities I like to try different foods.   I’m very interested in pairing wines with cheese and different cuisine.   I’m working on my culinary skills by trying different recipes from around the world.   Its not a cheap pastime, but its highly rewarding (sometimes)!   I also enjoy reading.   I like to switch up the genres from historical fiction to fantasy to crime thrillers.   I’m always taking recommendations for a good read!   I am looking forward to working with everyone over the next few months.

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