Jackie Introduction

Hello everyone! I’m Jackie. I’m from Puerto Rico, and I have been in Alaska since 2011. My husband was in the military, and we choose Alaska as a duty station thinking would be a great adventure for  us as a family! And It has been a great experience being living here, so we decided to stay. My husband is currently working as a music teacher in the school district. We have two boys, 13th and 10th years old.

Before leaving my island, I earned a   Masters in Public Administration from the University of Puerto Rico, and I used to work as a social worker for the Department of Family.

In Alaska, I have been working with the Fairbanks School District as Spanish Interpreter and English Language Learning Tutor. Teaching has been ever one of my passions, so I decided to do my second masters in secondary education in this cold but peaceful place named Fairbanks to become a certified Spanish teacher. I’m currently doing my internship at Lathrop High School in Fairbanks. I’m enjoying sharing my native language with my students and their experience of learning a second language to expand their possibilities to reach more people around the world.

Best wishes to all. Have a great semester!

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