cm plan draftlette

Hey you all, my paper is too long to post and so here is a little piece of it.

  1. Introduction

Classroom management can be scary, haphazard and at times an unpredictable mess or it can be a mixture of magical elements finely stitched into to an educator’s repertoire. I want mine to be the magical finely stitched kind not the unknown nightmare scenario. Some educators stick with what works, or what doesn’t quite work. Stubbornly insisting that was how they were taught. Some educators read books on the subject matter, constantly keeping their ears and eyes open for new ideas. They might discuss with colleagues, take classes and research endlessly on what will help them in the classroom. The trauma of a chaotic classroom, that cannot seem to be contained, could unfold in any classroom. It can hinder the education of the students and the mindset of the teacher. It is the frame works and guidelines that educators build up within their classrooms that will help keep a safe inviting space for learning intact.

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