Cm Plan Draft

I don’t want to burden anyone with reading a massive rough draft so I am going to post a single section . Thank you for looking at it.


Routines/Policies /Procedures/Rules (Section1, 7)

I think students should have a role in establishing rules and procedures. I believe that by having students participate in creating the rules, then the student made rules will hold more weight in their minds. By having the entire class take part in setting their own rules, students are given a voice in the system that governs them. I believe that by letting the students have a voice it will lead them down the path of becoming active part of society and hopefully become more aware of why the rules are in place. Along with the benefits of influencing students to become aware of the rules that they are held too, I believe that the by making the process into a class project students will  develop a classroom culture. What I mean by this is that students will get to know each other, what’s important to everyone, and break the ice between students to create a positive environment. An environment that lets students learn..