Rough Draft for CM Plan

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Classroom Management Plan:

Classroom Daily Expectations: (Students will get these in their syllabus at the beginning of class, and they will be posted on the wall)

1. I will not use my personal electronics unless I’m given permission. The “Classroom mode” at the front of the class will tell me if I can have my phone out or if I have to put it away on “classroom mode.”

2. I will allow others to speak even if I disagree with them, and I will raise my hand when I have a disagreement rather than yell or argue.

3. I will start my daily assignment as soon as I sit down.

4. I will bring my binder and other class materials to each class.

5. I will ask for clearer directions if I am unclear, either from my peers or from my teacher.

6. When I am frustrated, I will express this calmly to my teacher and ask for some time to cool off. (Bad days are okay, but let me know if you’re having a bad one, we can work it out)

Classroom Rules: (Students may add rules to the list during the first week, but there will be a base of four rules to start off.)

1. Respect others’ space and feelings as well as your own.

2. Clean up after yourself whenever possible.

3. Practice safety with equipment (electronic or otherwise.)

4. Allow others to speak, raise your hand if you want to be heard.

Enforcing positive behaviors:

  • Students will be able to get stamps on their homework and in class assignments upon completion. This is before they are even graded. This stamp will be a basis of “rewards” but not very large ones. Students can pick stickers or awesome pens and pencils. If students collect enough stamps in their homework journal they may petition for a pizza party with their class. They must have a total of 56 stamps to achieve the pizza party. This party can be for the entire class, and only needs 56 stamps to get one. Once they cash in those points, they start over so the same students cannot keep having a pizza party over and over.


  • Students that are on time to class will be able to view a “bonus fact” which could appear on the test! This bonus fact will be an extra credit question on a test, and if students want to have a chance to answer it, they must not be tardy or they could miss the bonus fact. It will be on the projector for the first five minutes of each class.


  • I will address students that answer questions well, even if the answer is not necessarily the correct one. This is important to encourage dialogue in class between peers about questions and responses.


  • I will allow students to interact with the texts and bring questions about the readings from the night before. These will be questions that I may or may not be able to answer but I will encourage them regardless.


  • Students will be encouraged to bring in interesting pieces of literature or news articles for extra credit. They may submit them to me, then I may use it for a class so we can discuss relevant and interesting topics students themselves are interested in. Extra credit will be around 1 to 2 points for these.


Addressing Negative Behaviors:

  • Students can address inappropriate behavior themselves but also ask for teacher help with mediation. This will help establish bonds between peers, as well as enforce effective problem solving skills.


  • There will be a three strike system in place. Students will be expected to follow the guidelines and rules established above. The first strike will require a warning. The second strike will require a written note or call home, and the third strike may be ISS or something akin to that.


  • Students have the opportunity to defend their case, but in written note format. This can be used to instill weighing the consequences of their actions, but also allow students to have a format where they can be heard in a non-aggressive manner.


  • I will be sure to allow students to know that they are breaking a rule, and refer back to the classroom expectations. This will be during the first warning.


  • I will be sure never to single out a student in front of their peers directly, I will however address inappropriate behavior.


  • There will be a complaint box in the front of the classroom, this can be used to anonymously voice a concern from the class or with the lessons or classroom in general.

Crisis Management:

I will follow the district protocol on crisis management and assign two “emergency leaders” these two students will help in organizing their classmates and directing them to the door with me. They will also help assure that no one is left behind, and that their peers are quiet during roll call.

I will assure that an emergency kit, as well as the “emergency exit is where” signs are visible and in reach of students.

Students will be aware that the emergency procedure is to be followed, even in the event of a drill.


Possible Accommodations:

Students will be able to pick from a number of options for projects and homework. I will allow students to vote on whether they would want to have a short answer test, a multiple choice test, or a mixture of the two. Students may also choose from any of THREE options for homework when it is handed out. “Short prompt” “Reading journal format” or “Summary of the reading” This will allow students to interact with the texts in a way in which they feel comfortable.

Students will have access to my notes from lectures daily from handouts and on my online site.

Students will be able to access powerpoints and presentations as well.

Students can sit closer to the board if they need to.

I will follow the IRs of all students that have one.

I will also allow students to watch videos, presentations, and have open dialogue in class.



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