Classroom Management Plan

Classroom Management Plan:

Positive Support Systems for Entire Class:
1. Students will be allowed usage of their cell phones to listen to music with headphones while they are working.
2. Students will be allowed to put suggestions for ‘Video Fridays’ on a piece of paper, and place them in the raffle hat, when they are exhibiting good behavior.
3. Students will receive specific verbal praise.
4. Students will be able to have songs placed into the class playlist, which is used during workdays.
5. Students will be randomly given candy for completing the most image problems in the competitive openers.
6. Students will be treated to a version of ‘Hazah!’ for exhibiting enthusiastic art making.


Classroom Rules
1. Clear table spaces.
2. Be respectful.
3. Be mindful of others’ spaces.
4. Be safe with tools.
5. Don’t be critical.


Replacement Behavior Menu
1. Instead of doing nothing, when I am confused, I will raise my hand and ask for help, or ask a table partner if the teacher is busy with other students.
2. Instead of wandering around the room when I am finished, bored, or confused, I will go grab recycled paper from the worktable and draw until I am ready to get back to work.
3. Instead of wandering around the room when I am finished, bored, or confused, I will go and get one of the approved comic books from the Alaska Cultural Connection Center in the room, and read until I am ready to get back to work.
4. Instead of just drawing pictures of whatever I want, I will work extra hard on the assignment, so I can earn free time.
5. Instead of talking during presentations or demonstrations, I will move to the back of class and ‘turn my eyes and mouth off’, by laying my head down, to listen and think intently with my ears.
6. Instead of yelling mean words, I will select an insult from the Shakespeare Insult Generation Center and draw a postcard illustrating my frustration, which I will then place in the class mailbox.
7. Instead of playing on my phone during class, I will ask if it is ‘headphones day’? If it is not, I will remember that I want to participate in headphones day, so I will comply.
8. Instead of saying racial slurs, I will say ‘cupcake’, ‘moldwarp’ or ‘warlock’.
9. Instead of saying the big, bad cusswords, because we all know which ones they are, I will ask to be allowed to reference the Shakespearean Insult Generation Center, where I will learn to focus my language to be as precise as sunshine in a dream.
10. When I feel like I am not creative enough, talented enough, or good enough to do a project, I will access the Hall of Inspirational Quotes, and write the quote in my art journal 3 times, in 3 different graffiti styles.


Crisis Management Plan
Crisis Plan is created to assist in what to do in the event of a medical or behavioral emergency. There is a backpack with teacher supplies, a tote with classroom supplies, a room stick (with our room number on it) and a color-coded folder. The teacher will assign students to carrying tasks as they line up at the door. The class will make a left and walk directly out into the parking lot, attendance will be taken once more and a green ‘okay’ card placed at the base of the room stick. In the event of a behavioral emergency, the same route will be taken, but the emergency items left in the room.


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