Suicide on Campus and the Pressure of Perfection response

Suicide is a topic that needs to be addressed in the education field. In recent years it’s been on the rise. The article that was assigned brings in a frighteningly large number of suicides.1,100 suicides. 1,100 is the approximate number of undergrad suicides that happen each year. That is an alarming number. My k-12 school has 475 students. This means it would that the average amount of suicides is double the population of my school with some added change. That is a lot of people.

I am not a psychiatrist. I am not a grief counselor. I am a teacher. As a teacher I will always keep an open and safe room. I want to let students know that I am there for them. That life gets better. Let them know that I am a real person who wants the best for them. To show my humanity in the classroom. I will listen to my student problems and report any observed suicidal traits to someone who can help my students. All in all I will put myself out as a source of support, safety, and attempt to make meaningful teacher student connections through my kind personality.