On Suicide: From Article to Practice

This article seemed to focus on specific stories and prevention. The prevention side of things was very limited. Ms.Dewitt was saved because of a proactive roommate. The article argues that poor parenting is resulting in a bad outlook on life and the inability to face failure and therefore reality. What can I do? How does this inform my practice? The most I can do is look for warning signs and be the roommate. If I see something that might be concerning I had better say something, reach out, because it just might be serious. I can’t fix the way parents mis-prepare their child. I can look for warning signs and say something. Poor Ms.Dewitt was put between a rock and a hard place, struggling with failure on all fronts of life. I can help create counter culture to this, everyone needs an A business, and you have to be the best. I need to create opportunities for students to feel independent, create their personality, forge their destiny, and as tough as it sounds, fail.


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