Suicide on Campus and the Pressure of Perfection

I think I can use it in my practice by realizing that even though someone that appears to have everything together can still be susceptible  to suicidal thoughts.   We have a great many students at RSMS that I would say are perfectionists.   We even spoke to some of the parents about it at Parent Teacher Conferences.   A couple of the parents were happy that their student was getting lower than an A in the class because it would bring some realism and resiliency  for them to have to work up to an A.   I also think that we need to be mindful of high achieving students actions toward grades and try to coach them on how they should interpret the grades in a healthy manner.   Make sure they realize that getting a B is okay and not the end of the world.   I think it all comes back to developing a healthy relationship with your students and observing abrupt changes in their  behavior that could be an indication that they are considering taking their own life.

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