Suicide on Campus

Suicide in our country is on the rise. Between the ages 14 to 25 there are different kinds pressure from parents and peers. With social media students constantly compare themselves to others and their happiness to others. I even find myself comparing my life to others. Am I where I should be at this age? Others are getting married and friends are on their second child  while I am going to school.  Parents put a different kind of pressure, to be perfect. Of course parents want their children to have good grades, but a B is also a good grade. I have noticed recently students do not know how to fail or be wrong and learn something from it. They are discouraged and stress over being perfect. I think as teachers we need to be aware of these pressures and emphasize growth mindset. Just this year I have heard of two suicides in the Fairbanks area. Increasing awareness, looking for the signs, and teaching parents as well might help with this issue.

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