Suicide and the pressure to be perfect.

Suicide in all grade levels is becoming more and more of a problem. There was just a boy from my hometown who was 14 that was reported missing and armed, they put the schools in the area on lockdown but found him in the desert 2 days later, he had committed suicide. It turns out that he had been bullied and cyber bullied continuously until he felt this was the only way out. It hurts my heart to know that kids and people feel there is no other way. The fact that it comes to that shows that there is not enough resources and support for those who need it. For college students that stress comes from a different source, the article talks about a girl who felt so much pressure to be perfect. It was clear this complex stemmed from her parents and she had little way of realizing there was any other route other than perfection which drove her to near suicide. I learned that something can always be done to help. Even as educators it is our responsibility to remain observant and maintain responsible for the students we have. These kids show signs when they are contemplating suicide we need to notice changes in their behavior and see what may affect them in different ways. For Kathryn it was pressure to be perfect for other students it can be bullying or home problems no matter the reason students always exhibit some type of symptoms. These can be not eating, declining grades, change in attitude or mood and making preparations. We can show these students there is always hope and give them the help they need.

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