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I think not seeing the kids as data points, and looking at them as kids who need to be taught is a good thing to implement in my future classroom.   I know from teaching three-year-olds how to swim that you will have days where you dream of quitting.   One way that I have to combat this is to look at pictures of cute baby animals after a particularly hard night of teaching.   It’s been four years, so I think this strategy has worked out well for me.

To create a safe environment, I will do my absolute best at making all the students feel like they can be great, and encourage them to do their best work every time they have to turn something in.   I want to form relationships where the students feel like I am not constantly judging their work as not good, or as not enough.   I will always point out the positives, and give constructive criticism that doesn’t sound like I hate them.   If the whole class had trouble with a certain aspect of the requirement for the assignment, I will tell them all that everyone had a few struggles with the requirement.   I’ll go over it again, and have them talk to each other about if they understand the concept or not.   I want my students to feel like they can turn in their work, and it won’t be marked up with red pen, and the comments will not be negative, but constructive.

This is the website I found with a few tips on classroom management:

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