What I wish my professors told me

Reading “What I wish my professors had told me’ was amazing. I found the article so intriguing and I couldn’t stop reading it. As a student who skims through articles, I found this one completely different because I soaked up all of her advice and words. Teachers often forget their roles, and it’s important that they remember how a teaching role extends well beyond day to day interactions with students. As a teacher, you have the power to teach children the skills they need to be successful in this world. Beyond the frustration at times, you have such meaningful work in this world. I ultimately enjoyed the part where she describes that she was more than a teacher, she was a mom, social worker, therapist, cheerleader, custodian, nurse and so on. She wasn’t trained for any of this, but she was who she was when the kids needed her at that moment. In all seriousness, I almost started crying because it’s true. As a teacher, you are the whole package, you are everything for your students. It’s vital that as a teacher I stay empathetic ad take care of the needs of the students.
There are many other important parts of the article, but I found those touching. I am thrilled to start the process of becoming a teacher, I can’t wait to change the lives of students.