What I wish…

After reading through both articles I reflected on my experiences growing up. In the  What I wish my Professor had told me  article, Jennifer Collins says that a passion to work for kids isn’t enough. Also to be included are assessments, paperwork, grading, and time management. While this is true, I still believe that passion is the most important part of being a teacher. Everything else needs to be included of course, but if the passion is there, everything else comes more easily.

“Let’s care shine through’ article reminds teachers that kids always come first. It urges teachers to show their human side to their students. When the human element is exposed, kids are more likely to learn. It shouldn’t matter how a child dresses, but that they are there to learn, and it is important that every student sees this care and knows they are wanted and appreciated.

I will always show my human side, and try to show kids that I truly care for them and their learning. I will expect a lot of my students, but teach with enthusiasm. I will be myself and expect students to do the same. Let the “care shine through”!