Visible Learning – John Hattie

This isn’t a part of any assignment, just something I thought some might be interested in.

At our inservice last week the superintendent introduced some fairly new research being done by an Australian about the different influences on learning and their effect size.   I found it interesting.   Although I haven’t yet, I plan to read his most recent book, “Visibile Learning for Teachers”.

Hattie suggests some unanticipated factors as having rather large positive influences on learning, that we may not have given so much credit to in the past.   An example is ‘self reported grades’, Hattie claims he would rather have called this ‘Student Expectations’, but in his model this ranks right up at the top as being one of the most important factors – out of 195 tested.   It is essentially stating that students are most accurate when they are predicting how they will perform, and as educators we can have a larger impact by developing a confidence in the student to predict accurately.

There is much more to it than what I have scratched at here, if it appeals.

I tried to attach the link, but instead may have attached the whole article.   Either way, if you are interested you will probably find him.


Hattie Ranking: 195 Influences And Effect Sizes Related To Student Achievement