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What I wish my professor had told me  is a statement made by all thinking youth who don’t pay attention to the lessons they are taught as youth.   Perception isn’t just what you think is true.   Perception is the work/conclusion of being perceptive.   This “work’ actually means you can learn from someone else’s mistakes. 130 years after Napolean made a huge mistake, Hitler says “that won’t happen this time.’   We all know how that turned out.

Real life requires all these.   As I read this piece it sounded like advise to young people wanting to raise children.   Here is a paraphrase of the points I read: 1. Watch out – loving kids only lasts till their not kids anymore.   2. To be a good parent one only needs to be perfect at everything they do, every day for 18 years. 3. Precious memories, how they linger.   4. There are no perfect parents. (see #2) 5. Don’t forget: kids are people too, not machines. 6. Finish the job.

It would seem the wisdom of this article is wrapped up in the statement on page 79: “You are there to transform students’ lives by connecting the content you teach to the skills they need to be successful in this big, bad world.’   It sounds like parenting advice…except the only thing missing is love.


This site has a lot of STEM videos.   I like it because it is life science not just the abstract lab.   I recommend the bicycle test.   I may make one this coming summer and see if his experiement holds true for drummers.https://www.youtube.com/user/destinws2



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