“What I wish my Professor had told me” and “Let’s care shine through” Response

After reading through both articles I was left with a lot to think about. Both articles cover aspects of teaching that often get overlooked. In the What I wish my Professor had told me article, Jennifer Collins explicitly says that a passion to work for kids isn’t enough. There is assessments, paperwork, grading, and time management. I honestly feel like most of my education professors have warned me and told me similar things. So I am not as blind sided to the insane amount of work that goes on to being a teacher. It was still nice to read another teachers advice.

“Let’s care shine through” article focused on reminding teachers and soon to be teachers that kids always come first. It reminds teachers not to hide their human side from their students. To, sorry to re quote the title, let the care shine through. The story of not sending the child to the office for not having a uniform stood out to me. It’s such a simple gesture but it lets the student know that they are wanted in class. That the teacher cares for them to be present.

To answer the question of how I will create a safe and engaging learning environment for all students, I would let kids know I am here to help them. My plan to do this I will teach with enthusiasm, hold high expectations, let student know I will care, and just be myself.



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