Hello! My name is Nicholas Baker.

I am currently 24 years old and live in North Pole, but i am originally from Washington but I claim Texas because I lived there throughout a majority of the teen to adult years. I am currently attending UAF for a Bachelors degree and my Secondary Education certificate. My education goals are to finish my bachelors degree to work as a teacher and provide education to young peoples and eventually return to college in order to get my Master’s degree. My hobbies including the typical fishing and being outdoors, along with playing video games at the amateur/professional level.

My envisioning program for teaching is that I am able to generate respect throughout my students in order to provide them with a teacher who can take their educational needs and wants to put them all into the curriculum. I have been to many schools, due to being a ‘military brat’, and watched an immense amount of teachers provide a safe and secure environment for students and I am able to take what I learned when I was child and put them to use when preparing to become a teacher. I work part-time as a substitute throughout Fairbanks and North Pole in order to give myself a vision of who I want to be as a teacher and how I am able to accomplish those goals.

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