DACA is a temporary immigration policy that was enacted in 2012 by President Barack Obama. The policy was based for children/ young adults who arrived in the United States prior to the age of 16 and no older than 31.   DACA gave these immigrants the ability to register for school, drivers licenses and other amenities that wouldn’t be available to them. DACA is connected to the DREAM Act which provides close to the same thing, the biggest difference being DACA is temporary the DREAM Act is a permanent fix.

My personal opinion on the matter is that I believe that DACA should be set aside. Not for the fact that it prevents illegal immigration, for the fact that members of congress need to sit down and come up with an affirmative act instead of a temporary restraint. Although the DREAM act is still in its infancy developing this act will provide the United States with a stronger and more concrete set of immigration policies, instead of a temporary ‘limbo’ system that puts nearly one million lives at the fate of who ever is in charge. Immigration is part of what makes the United States ‘the land of the free’, but with the looming threat of terrorism throughout the world, the United States needs to develop processes in order to protect its current legal citizens.

Attached I put a link to an article that describes the differences of DACA and DREAM, and what they are able to provide illegal immigrants.