Safe as well as engaging

What I learned from these articles for my own practice would be that of patience. The first article; ‘What I wish my professors had told me’ discusses patience and being patient with frustrations you may experience teaching, because you will experience frustrations with many aspects of teaching. However, I do enjoy that the main takeaway is being patient and giving yourself time to adjust and adapt. I want to apply this philosophy to my own teaching in the future.

I also took into account the aspect of not giving up. I’ve switched my Education major into a minor simply because I couldn’t handle the pressure of the program packed into one semester, and I was even told I shouldn’t have kept it as a minor if I was dropping the major. However, I kept the minor, I still want to teach my path is just changing, and this article makes me a little more confident with my choices.

I will create a safe environment by allowing students to grow as well as know they are respected and cared for. I will strive to allow students to express themselves appropriately and safely, and I will also try to strive to be better at keeping my goals set before me so that I may better help my future students achieve everything they wish to achieve because I can help them and not feel stressed while doing so.

The following link is one I found interesting to an article about classroom management tips:


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