BE the teacher you would want!

A lot of the teachers we remember from grade school are the ones who showed they care, were excited to be there, and the ones who honestly wanted us to learn and grow, these are the teachers who made impacts in the lives of their students and were the ones we consider to be good teachers. These teachers all exhibited the traits that the two articles are talking about. What I have learned not only from this course but from teachers I have encountered in my life as well as from dealing with students myself is that student teacher relationships are critical to be a good teacher because without them your kids will have no desire to learn or grow. By developing these relationships, it is easier for you to create that safe comfortable environment that they so desperately need. By creating these relationships shows that you care, which is the main focus of both articles. I also liked the fact that in Collins’ article she says you’re not just a teacher but also play so many other roles in a student’s life. Some other aspects of creating an inviting classroom is to develop rules and procedures so the kids know what to expect when they come to your class every day. By reading these articles I learned that it is important to have that sense of humor and stay lighthearted, I learned this just from being a parent. Life just like teach can be stressful at times and making sure you can see the lighter side of things can really help stay sane, it will also help your students relate to you a bit more as well as see that they do not have to be scared to be around authority figures such as teachers. I have learned that A LOT goes into being a good teacher, not just being able to recite all that you know about your content area, you must know to love your kids for who they are and to be able to want to help them.

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