Personalized Learning

The need for personalized learning can almost be legitimized through the quote, “learning has to happen  in  students, not  to  them” which means that almost each and every student will go about learning in their own way. I would have to say I am almost split down the middle, for one I am someone who believes that the individual needs to be preserved as well as acted upon. By that I mean that students should have the ability to do research papers about an applicable topic for themselves but I also feel that the shared experience of schooling is an important aspect of school and if there is too much personalization it may not seem like such a social experience that I feel students truly take a lot away from. The match between curriculum  and personalization will be (in my opinion) the crutch of this debate and unless it is handled near flawlessly it will be very difficult to balance the two very important aspects. Finally, the biggest concern I have is what will happen for those students whose schooling does not get much personalization, what kind of negative effects will this have on them? Could those effects possibly outweigh the positives of the whole undertaking


Has the time come for personalized higher education?