Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is a teaching strategy that curates a lesson plan to meet the needs of the students. This can mean including various instructional methods or even adjusting the pace you teach a class. After doing more research online I found that one of the biggest debates around utilizing personalized learning is the use of technology in the classroom.The article that was assigned talks about the positives of personalized learning. The title even encourages us to celebrate its arrival.Carol Ann Tomlinson, the assigned article’s author, believes that the coming of Personalized learning is the first step in “linking students with meaningful learning, enabling collaboration that extends human understanding, and preparing students for a world that will demand of them both reason and wisdom(Tomlinson).”

To counter Tomilsosn’s point Alfie Kohn believes that personalized learning is just a way to sell specialized technology and software. The strongest aspect of Kohns article is the aim of Personalized learning is to increase test scores. Kohn talks about how being asked to keep track of progress won’t magically make kids passionate about math and science. Kohn then leads his discussion that ‘personal learning’ is impactful but not personalized curriculum that aims solely to improve standardized tests.

My opinion on the matter is in the middle of the road. I think both sides of the argument have valid points and counterpoints. I honestly think that I need more experience in the classroom before I decide what teaching strategy has merit and which does not.

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