Personalized Learning, yes…well

This is so huge. Oh, my goodness.  I think if we scaled down the amount of students per instructor,  we could do it for sure. Then after we got rid of some of the standardized tests, we could branch out even more. If we could write some grants for devices or field trips, specifically asking GIANT businesses to help sponsor some of these ventures, we could have more help getting this personalization out to more kids. If we could all be doing a four day work week…anything is possible! Seriously, though it is a beautiful concept and one that I’m sure most of us are aspiring to in the classroom. It is also simultaneously a catch phrase used by people, who have never really worked in a classroom. Sometimes I feel the word, personalized, is being floated around by some like they are having a creative genius moment while simultaneously getting to the root of the “problem with education”.