Personalized learning – a new concept for me!

This tailor’s instruction, appearance of learning and evaluation for each student’s unique needs and preferences. It is teaching that offers education, curriculum and learning environments to meet the needs of individual students. The way a person learns is intensely particular — and compound. This is true especially for elementary ages. Students need to have the chance to learn ideas and construct their own knowledge and understanding that is FROM the student’s philosophies. This is why its important to learn each student’s strengths, flaws and learning style, as soon as possible.


I am a big advocate for technology, it is both friendly and more challenging. However, every student is unique and every student has a exclusively way of learning what they need to know to go onto the higher level of education. However, this is a very new term to me and I am not in a classroom yet, so I will be doing much more research on it so I understand it better! And of course use it in the classroom.


I did not read this whole article (because it was 22 pages) but I did find the first 5 pages interesting. I will continue to read as I find this subject appealing!

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