Personalized Learning

Personalized learning has its challenges as well as rewards. The article brought up questions such as “why now?” At the school I am doing my internship at, we had members from the school district talk to us about the trends in education. A few years ago with the rise of technology and the internet was known as the information age. Students today are needed to be more creative thinkers to solve problems and be successful in the work force. Personalized learning is suppose to help the new generation of students be succeed outside of the class. We cannot just shift to personalized learning all at once, this takes time. Students have to learn how to behave in these environment and become more independent learners/responsible for their learning. Some downfalls of personalize learning is funding and resources. Many programs require laptops or IPads which many schools do not ave enough for each student. Secondly, it is difficult on the teachers because personalized learning requires more time and planning than traditional lecture.

Personalized learning: The importance of teachers in a technology-driven world