Personalized learning

Personalized learning is a relatively new method, but seems to be catching on fairly quickly. It is a innovative idea that caters to the diversity of all students, which sounds great at first. It seems Personalized learning has a long way to go before it becomes a definitive method of teaching, it needs a lot of fixing to be clearly understood by teachers, students, and parents. I am still unclear on how and what qualifies for personalized material. In fact, as the article states the materials can be so varied that it is like there is almost none. There are benefits to using personalized learning such as the ability for students to go at their own pace, whether they are struggling and need to go slower or excel at the content being taught and need more challenging material. By using personalized learning in the classroom students could gain a stronger sense of confidence in themselves, since learning is so individualized it would be easier for students to build on their own strengths and give them a sense of pride in their work that they would not get if they were doing something they had no interest in. Now on the other side of the coin personalized learning can be difficult to implicate because it has such a wide variety of differences in learning styles and what works. Since every student is different it is almost like each student would have to have different activities that work for them. This in turn puts the work load for the teacher through the roof. It can also prove difficult for teachers to change the mind set they already have so they can incorporate personalized learning. Lastly, there is no real proof, at least as far as the article stated that complete personalized learning actually works. I do believe that in moderation personalized learning is beneficial. However, giving students complete reign on the entire curriculum would be wrong. Students, I feel, benefit from good structure and minimal stress that keeps kids motivated. It is our jobs as teachers to observe what works for our students and what doesn’t and modify to find what fits best for everyone. That does not mean leaving students for may not understand behind it just means taking a little extra time to work with that student so they can be successful as well.