Blog Post 3

I believe that personalized learning can work for some students, but it is extremely difficult to implement for every student.   Opening the door to letting the students have options in how they do projects is a wonderful idea, and is also a form of personalized learning.   The students are allowed to personalize the assignment themselves, with broad requirements. As long as the requirements given are met, there is no reason for the student not to get a passing grade no matter how they chose to do the project.

Personalized learning is supposed to be the next big thing in education, but the teacher I am observing with doesn’t agree.   He believes that there shouldn’t be mandated personalized learning.   It is basically impossible to come up with an individualized plan for 140 students that are all in different courses.   He does, however, give some very open projects that can be done any way the students choose, so long as they get the requirements in it.

I wholly agree with the article I have chosen to share.   The article speaks to how personalized learning has become just another term people use when they talk about education.   It is almost impossible to implement for every student there is, and no one can really pin down a straight-up definition.   Having open projects, as I have seen from my teacher, works.   The students are able to take into account what they want to do, and they know from previous feedback what they need to work on.   From what I have seen, the interest in doing the project their way also keeps them on task.